Care to....
Join me on a journey to wholeness?
Explore the holistic approach to wellness?

Edna"s Wellness in Donegal, set in a tranquil setting in nature, providing the ideal space to help rebalance and restore the body & mind and soul - offering much scope to learn, grow and heal. 

  • Re-connect with the true self
  • Learn new skills and techniques
  • Core Healing - (Inner Child & Ancestral)    
  • Advanced Crystal Training
  • Meet like-minded people   
  • Practitioner Certified Courses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Looking at "health" in a holistic sense, is the basis of the holistic approach.
The overall health of the body is greatly influenced by each part that make up the "whole" of the body.

Allowing the healing process to begin, and encourage the body's natural ability to rebalance.

The peaceful setting lends well to relaxation and healing, providing the perfect platform to de-compress and rebalance the body.

Practising a safe and gentle approach towards healing, assisting the natural healing abilities within you to surface!

Angelic & Crystal Healing - Gem & Stone Therapy 

Advanced "Crystal Practitioners Courses" 

Mother & Child Awareness Training - M-CAP

Gentle & Transformative Approach to the Mother and Child connection. 
I am now teaching this wonderful programme.

Treatments Available:
Online Group Session
Online One to one session - In person & One to one session.
Core Work - Inner child/Ancestral