Letting Go

It may be hard to do and some will choose to hold on, not only on the physical level but on the mental and emotional also.
What better time than present to take on something new! something that you've always wanted to.
Since we are unsure of the global situation and not sure if we will be told to turn right or left. Surely, we can try out a few things ourselves, take a new direction and see what happens.
Remember to trust what feels right and lead with the heart, to climb that mountain or swim in the sea.
Life is beginning to look more like a playground and we are feeling more like kids at primary school, waiting to be told what to do.

Many people are taking this window of uncertainty and change to re-invent their lives, and for many it is fulfilling their dreams. For some, it will be trial and error, except they will have less regrets since they tried.

My message today is to say " trust the part of yourself that wants to so something new, something that you put on hold.


Angels & Healing

It became apparent that I share my teachings to a broader audience as this is what came up during the covid lockdown.

While we have our own beliefs and ways to seek help for our soul, we also have our own interpretations about Angels and how we see and connect to them. 

For me, they are the most loving and clear of all spirit interventions or intermediaries ever.
The “new” teachings I received from them were to guide me to introduce them to others in this “new” way.. a new approach to working with the Angels that will enhance the higher intelligence and skills.

The “new” approach will not need cards or pendulums but simply the purest of connection for them and us. What is clear is that when we focus on a picture or description of Angels, we get caught up in ego, “the person who is reading the card or our own as we try to analyse the reading to suit.