Gem & Stone Therapy


G&ST brings the energising elements of crystals and stones together for the purpose of healing - Including the placement of both Basalt Stones and specific healing crystals on a fully clothed body.
The addition of a crystal wand is used, to encourage the healing process, helping to clear negative energies and absorb light and colour during the treatment.
The treatment is carried out fully clothed, facing up on the plinth.
Little or no touch is required resulting in a non-invasive treatment with a healing effect on the client.

Healing energies are channelled by way of the gem and stone therapy, sacred angelic healing frequencies".
The Angelic and Cosmic frequencies in G&ST enables access deep, healing frequencies that work simultaneously on many levels of the body.
G&ST healing vibrational frequency is pure, gentle and loving and vibrates within a potent, healing frequency.
This enables the client to connect with their natural essence of compassion and love, which they are at the core, allowing
deep healing to happen.
The higher intelligence channelled through sacred healing frequencies helps transform all that no longer serves the higher self and soul.
The grounding properties of the Crystals and Stones, creates a safety net around the body, providing comfort and ease during the treatment.

Suitable for both adults and Children.